Powerful Features

Unlimited Referrals

There's no limit to the number of referrals you can make through Help On Demand.

Training Modules

Learn like a pro with full access to recorded modules.

Help Desk Support

Help On Demand provides email support for daily escalations.

Metrics & Reporting

Receive regular Help On Demand analytics and reports.

Expert Users

Have anywhere from 5 to an unlimited number of Expert Users.
Getting Started

With Help On Demand, getting started is as easy as our faster connections. Simply connect with us to:

  • REQUEST A DEMO to see the system and its advantages for yourself.
  • REQUEST A BROCHURE to learn more about the Help On Demand difference and how it can benefit you.
  • REQUEST A 15-MINUTE STRATEGY Q&A where our sales team connects with your team to learn about your unique challenges and opportunities and answers questions about how we can partner to make a difference.

Product Descriptions


Help On Demand Classic

The Classic product is the perfect choice for smaller organizations that want to implement Help On Demand within 30 days, with an out-of-the-box system configuration, and have less than 50 Expert Users.

Help On Demand Plus

The Plus product is for mid-size organizations that have a need for some configuration specific to their organization, prefer white label branding and have up to 125 Expert Users.

Help On Demand Unlimited

The Unlimited product is for larger organizations that have customizable needs with data capture, API feeds and reporting packages, and have a large number of Expert Users.




$14 per user/mo

    • • Unlimited Referrals
    • • Client Configurator Access
    • • System-wide Enhancements
    • • API Access – One (1)
    • • Quarterly Metrics & Reports
    • • Choice of Two (2) Expert Tiers
    • • Recorded Trainings
    • • Quarterly Account Management
    • • Help Desk Email Support
    • • And More



$12 per user/mo

    • • Unlimited Referrals
    • • Client Configurator Access
    • • System-wide Enhancements
    • • API Access – Two (2)
    • • Semimonthly Metrics & Reports
    • • Choice of Two (2) Expert Tiers
    • • Recorded Trainings
    • • Quarterly Account Management
    • • Monthly Status Calls
    • • Help Desk Email Support
    • • And More
Client Specific


    • • Unlimited Referrals
    • • Client Configurator Access
    • • System-wide Enhancements
    • • API Access – Unlimited
    • • Ad Hoc Metrics & Reports
    • • Configurable Expert Tiers
    • • Recorded Trainings On Demand
    • • Account Management
    • • Help Desk Email Support
    • • Strategic Business Consulting
    • • In-person Training
    • • On-site Account Management
    • • And More

Available Modules

Available for an additional cost

Reporting On Demand

With Reporting On Demand, you’ll receive an inside look at how your Experts are meeting or exceeding the needs of your Consumers; helping make tough decisions easier. Business intelligence enhances scalability and offers meaningful insight into your business needs, pointing you in the right direction for your market.

Time is precious. Jumping into data and running individual analytics requests might be wasting valuable business resources. Reporting On Demand will help organize your data into visually appealing reports and dashboards. We will help provide a window into your business by creating actionable and meaningful goals for you and your Expert Community and by providing detailed reports in one easy-to-read dashboard.

Scheduler On Demand

With Scheduler On Demand, we are providing the Consumer another efficient way to conveniently connect. Our goal is to provide your Consumers with a great customer experience and help at the exact time they need it. With Help On Demand, your Consumer makes a request for help, and they are connected right away to an available Expert.

Scheduler On Demand allows the Consumer to select when they want to be contacted, when it’s convenient for them. We provide your Experts the ability to set their schedules, telling us when they want to schedule meetings with a Referral, and when they don’t.

What does Scheduler On Demand do?

  • Sends confirmation and reminder emails
  • Sets limits to how many meetings can be scheduled in a given day
  • Eliminates the last-minute meeting confusion and allows enough time to prepare
  • Limits the Referral information presented prior to the scheduled time confirmation


Training On Demand

With Training on Demand, you and your Experts have access to live and recorded training 24/7. This module also allows you to determine if you want your Experts to pay a fee for training prior to using the Help On Demand system.


Available at an additional cost

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

In today’s society, time is everything. Many managers from startups to corporations, don’t understand the value this simple tool brings to their organization. IVRs enable the Consumer to interact with the dial pad for identification, segmentation and routing of calls to the most appropriate and available Expert. It is a simple yet effective way of reducing costs and increasing revenue and efficiency within your company while providing a great Consumer experience. Using IVR, you are in control of where your Consumer is routed.

  • Collect information about your callers
  • Route your caller to the right Expert
  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Increase Consumer satisfaction

Let us help you understand how adding an IVR to your Help On Demand business will help you.


Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs can help you create a seamless portal to network with other applications and improve data capture/transfer with clients, vendors and Consumers. Help On Demand can help you modernize engagement and capture Consumer data from either a public or private API. With the ability to call our public API, you are providing data in a clean and efficient format that allows you to refresh and update it more frequently, providing real-time results.

We are in the business of strategizing with your company to identify your needs and understand how to support capturing and distributing your Consumer Referrals. Let our Sales team share with you and your team how we can support you with a single or multiple APIs today.


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