Help On Demand provides online, real-time support to connect consumers with experts

Platform helps people get the resources they need in rapidly changing, uncertain world


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (April 10, 2020) — With much of the country facing stay-at-home orders and businesses shutting the doors to their brick-and-mortar locations, getting access to expertise is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers. But Colorado-based Help On Demand has a solution. The company’s lightning-speed, secure technology successfully connects consumers looking for information to qualified experts on the subject in mere seconds, at no cost to participating experts.

The process works like this:

  • An organization partners with Help on Demand to give their audience access to expert assistance.
  • A person visits the organization’s website looking for support and accesses the Help On Demand system through the organization’s website.
  • The technology connects the individual with the first available expert in the area in real time, and in the language they speak.
  • The expert accepts and connects with the individual to offer personal assistance.
  • The technology tracks and reports real-time activity to provide meaningful metrics back to the partner organization.
  • Consumers benefit from the fast, quality responses they receive, experts benefit from showcasing thought leadership and organizations benefit from satisfied customers — ensuring total satisfaction.

“Our partnership with Help On Demand ensures that consumers across our state can connect with experts in their community to get the help they need,” said a company representative for Connect for Health Colorado. “We appreciate their dedication to helping us serve the more than 140,000 Coloradans who have raised their hand for support using this platform to date.”

Help On Demand was founded on decades of combined expertise in the health care industry, and the concept and technology that power it have been successfully applied to companies in professional service industries with fragmented customer service, distribution, or independent contractors around the nation and worldwide. The application propels customer satisfaction and can be applied in a variety of industries.

“We live in a fast-paced world where consumer expectations are higher than ever,” said Help On Demand’s president, John Kurath. “And now, as we all face new and unexpected circumstances, meeting those expectations is more challenging than ever. During these difficult times, our platform offers a lifeline, helping businesses provide next-level service and allowing consumers to access the expertise they need from the comfort of home.”

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About Help On Demand
Help On Demand is powered by lightning-speed, secure BigWave Systems technology that works around the clock to connect consumers with experts and deliver the help they need in just seconds. We serve diverse industries offering a variety of products and services, and are set apart by our experience, speed, versatility, trust, availability, reliability and results. For more on this “Help On Demand difference,” please visit