Frequently Asked Questions
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How does Help On Demand work?

Help On Demand uses a proprietary technology system to match Consumers with the best available Experts within seconds based on a range of criteria, including: preferred physical location, language spoken and/ or method that the Referral prefers to be contacted.

What impact can implementing Help On Demand have to our ROI?

We can provide reporting packages that illustrate Expert and Referral engagement and outcomes. Our technology tracks and reports activity to provide the metrics you need. The system can track Referrals by marketing campaign, demographics, language, gap analysis, etc. With this type of data, you can identify which campaign is effective, has closed more product sales or made the most connections.

Does it take many resources to implement this system?

Due to our Client Configurator, there is a limited need for IT resources within your organization. Key implementation team members include business development, marketing and communications and data analytics.

How long does it take to implement Help On Demand?

The implementation of Help On Demand can take as little as 30 days and as long as 120 days depending on the complexity of your business requirements. The Help On Demand Classic product is the perfect product choice for smaller organizations who want to implement Help On Demand within 30 days, with an out-of-the-box system configuration, for less than 50 Expert Users. The Plus product is for mid-size organizations who have a need for some configuration specific to their organization, prefer white label branding and have up to 125 Expert Users. And the Unlimited product is for larger organizations who have customizable needs with data capture, API feeds, reporting packages, and have a large number of Expert Users.

How much does Help On Demand cost?

The cost of Help On Demand is minimal per Expert User per month and is combined into an annual licensing fee. Depending on the product that you choose, the cost per User could be as low as $12 per month.

Can the Help On Demand technology interface with other systems?

Yes, Help On Demand can interface with many types of systems such as Contact Relationship Management (CRM) systems, call center systems and Learning Management Systems (LMS) through an API.

What type of experiences do Experts and Referrals have using the Help On Demand system?

Your Consumers win with the fast, quality response they receive, and a great customer experience. The Experts wins with a qualified and “on demand” Referral – ensuring total satisfaction. The Help On Demand technology is easy to use for your company, the Expert and the Consumer.

Can I modify the interface with our company branding?

You can add your company branding to the Help On Demand interface based on the product you choose. With the Unlimited and Plus products, white labeling has more options for you to choose from. With the Classic product, you can add your company logo to the system application interface.

Is ongoing support included for Help On Demand?

With all three Help On Demand products, you receive access to training materials and tip sheets to enhance your User experience. Based on the product you select, the level of Account Management varies.

Is this a lead generating system? Where do the Experts come from?

Help On Demand is not a lead generating company, however, we do partner with marketing and lead generation organizations to provide a comprehensive package. The Experts are from your organization and are invited to join the Help On Demand system based on the criteria that you have determined.

Is this a staffing company or a call center?

No. Help On Demand is similar to today’s ride share technologies and works with industries such as healthcare, insurance, education, legal, construction, contracting, dispatch services and others offering a variety of products and services.

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