Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Privacy Notice

Help On Demand is an online application that will allow you to request assistance from Marketplace-registered and state-licensed agents and brokers in real time. Help On Demand is not a government-owned or operated website or application; it is controlled and operated by BigWave Systems. In addition, CMS does not collect, maintain or disseminate information entered on the Help On Demand website. If you choose to provide information on the Help On Demand site, such actions are between you and BigWave Systems. Any information, including personal information that could be used to identify or contact you, is voluntarily contributed and is not shared with or maintained by CMS. CMS does not collect, maintain, or disseminate information you provide to Help On Demand or BigWave Systems.

For more information on how and CMS’s relationship with Help On Demand and BigWave Systems, visit the Privacy Policy at

Using this service is not a condition of obtaining health insurance through the Marketplace. For application assistance without using Help On Demand, visit