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At Help On Demand, we know time is everything for Consumers — and faster is better.

We live in a fast-paced world where Consumers know if they want to buy a pair of shoes, they can go online, order and receive them the same or next day. Or if they need a ride, they can order one to arrive at their location within minutes. Or the moment they have a hunger pang, they can order and track food deliveries to their front door. They don’t want to wait a day or two for what they want or need, let alone minutes.

Help On Demand, and the proprietary technology system that powers it, meets or even exceeds these “on-demand” expectations in a wide variety of industries and all geographic locations by delivering these distinct advantages:

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We’ve connected hundreds of thousands of consumer Referrals without losing even one


Our average response time from Experts is just seconds


We serve diverse industries and products and services


Your information and data are always protected


Our technology is live and available on-demand 24/7


We connect consumer Referrals with Experts every time


Our faster connections have produced increased productivity, increased sales and enhanced relationships while decreasing costs


We enrich the human experience by connecting people faster when they need it most.


Health insurance marketplace Consumers and Experts across the United States and internationally have benefitted for years from the faster connections our technology delivers. We have since brought this Help On Demand difference to other industries, including but not limited to, insurance, education, legal, contracting, non-profit, mortgage, dispatch and government. Those in professional services industries with fragmented customer service and distribution or independent contractors find this particularly exciting.

Let us demonstrate what this difference can mean for you and your Consumers!





John Kurath Headshot

John Kurath


More about John

My role: I ensure we have the tools to best serve our customers.

What I’d love to use Help On Demand’s technology for in my life: It’s a toss up: To match my missing socks or help coordinate our kids’ rides and events with our busy schedules.

3 fun facts about me: I love the busyness of our household, having five kids. I love anything outdoors in the mountains: hiking, back packing, snow shoeing, fly fishing and kayaking. I also love the ability to be creative in business and seeing how that can translate to better lives for everyone involved.

Clare Resnick

Chief Financial Officer

More about Clare

My role: I’m a finance ninja warrior and strategic planning guru.

What I’d love to use Help On Demand’s technology for in my life:
I would love Help On Demand to reroute my household maintenance list!

3 fun facts about me: I’m a horse enthusiast, I love everything ocean related and I advocate for shelter animals.

Memo Rodriguez

VP of Application Development

More about Memo

My role: To supervise and provide technical guidance to the development team.

What I’d love to use Help On Demand’s technology for in my life: It would be cool if you could use Help On Demand to pre-sign in for Urgent Care.

3 fun facts about me: I love Star Wars. I’ve had the same personal email address since 1997. I am an introvert who loves speaking in public.

John Neumeier Headshot

John Neumeier

VP National Sales

More about John

My role: I lead the nationwide sales and marketing team, implementing effective sales strategies and partnerships to achieve or exceed sales targets and penetrate new markets.

What I’d love to use Help On Demand’s technology for in my life: I would use it to find homecare for an older family member.

3 fun facts about me:  I like to camp and play golf. I am also a professional artist.

Chad Zechiel Headshot

Chad Zechiel

Business Development

More about Chad

My role: I help companies create strategic advantages by connecting people faster.

What I’d love to use Help On Demand’s technology for in my life: I’d connect my kids to an expert math tutor in seconds. Evidently, they do math sideways now.

3 fun facts about me: I have a yoga crazed wife and 3 wonderful sons. I enjoy fly fishing and almost anything in the Rocky Mountains. I learn something new every day.

Cheryl Ierna Headshot

Cheryl Ierna

VP of Client
Strategy & Operations

More about Cheryl

My role: I strive to provide superior service to our customers.

What I’d love to use Help On Demand’s technology for in my life: To find household help right away!

3 fun facts about me: I have completed two 150-mile MS bike rides. I am happiest in the mountains or on Cape Cod in the ocean. My family traveled to Kazakhstan last summer to meet my daughter’s birth family.

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